Parish Council

Peasenhall Parish Council is an elected tier of local government. Ten councillors are elected every four years to represent the community, improve the quality of life and the local environment. A Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the councillors on an annual basis. A clerk is employed by the council as an advisor, administrator and responsible financial officer. The council is funded from the "precept" which is the money collected from local tax payers via the Council Tax bill issued by Suffolk Coastal District Council.

The Parish Councillors are

John Bawtree

Christopher Bishop (01728 660314) (

Peter Dance

Teddy Forsythe (01728 660710) (

Nicholas Levett-Scrivener

Chris Norrington (Chairman)

Kenneth Parry Brown (01728 660084) (

Frank Potter (Vice Chairman) (

Tony Sore

The Parish Clerk is:

Mick Trovell (01728 660218) (


The councillors Register of Interests can be found in the following link:

Register of Interests

The council meets between seven and nine times a year; details are published in advance on this website and on the notice board on The Causeway. Members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting, where they will have an opportunity to speak during the Public Forum slot at the beginning of the agenda.