The Sibton and Peasenhall Oil Syndicate  (SPOILS)

There are hundreds of households in Peasenhall and Sibton, and in the surrounding villages, many of which heat their homes with oil. Discount prices of 3–5% or more can be negotiated with suppliers by villagers buying together as a syndicate. At current prices this could mean a saving of £50 - £100 a year on a 2000 litre annual consumption.  It also cuts down the number of lorries on our local roads as deliveries are co-ordinated by the chosen supplier over a couple of days.

The SPOILS syndicate has been running since January 2012 and we currently have 160 members, but have room for more. We cover a geographical area about 10-15 miles around Peasenhall. Would you be interested in joining such a syndicate? Follow the link below. There is no charge for joining and none of us has any connection with the oil industry. We simply believe that acting together we can all benefit.

If you are already a member of the syndicate, let a neighbour know, or go to www.oilbuyingclub.com/sites/spoils where there are further details and a registration form.